A description of the sense of pride in antigone

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A description of the sense of pride in antigone

Central theme[ edit ] Woodcut illustration of Niobe, Amphion and their dead sons, ca. The number varies in different sources.

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It was on occasion of the annual celebration in honor of Latona and her offspring, Apollo and Diana [i. Her attire was splendid with gold and gems, and her face as beautiful as the face of an angry woman can be.

She stood and surveyed the people with haughty looks. Why should Latona be honored with worship rather than I?

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My father was Tantalus, who was received as a guest at the table of the gods; my mother was a goddess. My husband built and rules this city, Thebes; and Phrygia is my paternal inheritance. Wherever I turn my eyes I survey the elements of my power; nor is my form and presence unworthy of a goddess.

To all this let me add, I have seven sons and seven daughters, and look for sons-in-law and daughters-in-law of pretensions worthy of my alliance. Have I not cause for pride? Will you prefer to me this Latona, the Titan's daughter, with her two children? I have seven times as many. Fortunate indeed am I, and fortunate I shall remain!

Will any one deny this? According to some versions, at least one Niobid usually Meliboeaalong with her brother Amyclas in other renderings was spared. Their father, Amphion, at the sight of his dead sons, either killed himself or was killed by Apollo for having sworn revenge.

Devastated, Niobe fled back to Mount Sipylus [12] and was turned into stone, and, as she wept unceasingly, waters started to pour from her petrified complexion. Mount Sipylus indeed has a natural rock formation which resembles a female face, and it has been associated with Niobe since ancient times and described by Pausanias.

The rock formation is also known as the "Weeping Rock" Turkish: The only Niobid spared stayed greenish pale from horror for the rest of her life, and for that reason she was called Chloris the pale one.

Niobe was transformed into a stone on Mount Sipylus in her homeland of Phrygiawhere she brooded over the sorrows sent by the gods. In literature and fine arts[ edit ] Daughter of Niobe bent by terror, Niobe room in Uffizi gallery. Literature[ edit ] Lineage of Tantalus The story of Niobe, and especially her sorrows, is an ancient one.

The context in which she is mentioned by Achilles to Priam in Homer 's Iliad is as a stock type for mourning. Priam is not unlike Niobe in the sense that he was also grieving for his son Hectorwho was killed and not buried for several days. Niobe is also mentioned in Sophocles 's Antigone where, as Antigone is marched toward her death, she compares her own loneliness to that of Niobe.

The Niobe of Aeschylusset in Thebes, survives in fragmentary quotes that were supplemented by a papyrus sheet containing twenty-one lines of text.

A description of the sense of pride in antigone

Furthermore, the conflict between Niobe and Leto is mentioned in one of Sappho 's poetic fragments "Before they were mothers, Leto and Niobe had been the most devoted of friends. Parthenius of Nicaea records a rare version of the story of Niobe, in which her father is called Assaon and her husband Philottus.

The circumstances in which Niobe loses her children are also different, see Niobids Variant myth. Niobe's iconic tears were also mentioned in Hamlet 's soliloquy Act 1, Scene 2in which he contrasts his mother's grief over the dead King, Hamlet's father — "like Niobe, all tears" — to her unseemly hasty marriage to Claudius.About us.

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A description of the sense of pride in antigone

Antigone Quotes (showing of ) “All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil.

The only crime is pride.”. Putting together lists can be tough, my top 25 list would be dominated by the “independent” or “non-Nashville” artists (Ian Tyson, Brenn Hill, Dave Stamey, Gail Steiger, Kyle Evans, and of course Chris LeDoux) that the list above ignores.

The Value Structure of Action.

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The distinctions between means and ends, and between being and doing, result in the following structure of action, from beginning to middle to end, upon which much ethical terminology, and the basic forms of ethical theory (ethics of . The first thing Creon does in Antigone is declare a harsh but understandable law.

He proclaims that while the body of Eteocles will be buried with dignity, the corpse of Polyneices will be left to rot on the field of battle. Anyone who attempts to honor Polyneices's body with burial will be sentenced to death. Great Dialogues of Plato [Plato, W. H. D. Rouse, Matthew S. Santirocco] on urbanagricultureinitiative.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Written in the form of debates, Great Dialogues of Plato comprises the most influential body of philosophy of the Western world—covering every subject from art and beauty to virtue and the nature of love.

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