An analysis of the literary elements in pretty hurts a song by beyonce

Considering the song is not on regular rotation on any radio station anywhere these days, I thought that was a fairly interesting coincidence, and by the third time I heard it, I actually started to listen to the lyrics. Lump lingered last in line for brains And the ones she got were sorta rotten and insane Small thing's so sad that birds could land Is lump fast asleep or rockin' out with the band It occurred to my word nerd brain that these were pretty good examples of the poetic literary devices alliteration and assonance. Then I started thinking about how song lyrics are just another form of literature that employ many of the same tropes and tools used by poets and other writers.

An analysis of the literary elements in pretty hurts a song by beyonce

We hear music everywhere, from full albums on our CD players and the latest hit singles on the radio to music in commercials, restaurants, elevators, etc. The basic unit of music in our society is the song. Songs can range from long instrumental ballads and symphonies to short upbeat modern pieces with lyrics.

Believe it or not, songs are considered media messages, and so the same media literacy rules apply to songs as to other forms of media. Below are some things to consider to help us better understand the messages in songs.

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You would be supporting our work so that we can bring you more great resources. What does the instrumentation tell us about the song? Or is the instrumentation sparse, perhaps only an acoustic guitar, forcing us to focus on the vocals?

Is the tempo fast or slow? Is the instrumentation loud or soft?

An analysis of the literary elements in pretty hurts a song by beyonce

What emotion does the instrumentation make us feel? Instrumentation affects us in a subconscious way. What do the vocals and lyrics tell us about the song? Does the tone of the words fit with the way the singer sings them? Does the tone of the vocals agree with or contradict the instrumentation do the instruments make you feel happy while the lyrics are sad, for example?

What is the message of the lyrics? Is the song political? How can you tell? Is the song romantic? Who is the target market for the song?

What values do the lyrics contain? Does the artist's image how they portray themselves affect how you feel about the song? Would you feel the same way about the song if it was sung by someone of a different age, race, or gender? How might someone of a different demographic someone of a different gender, someone older or younger than you, someone who made more or less money than you, someone with different political values, someone of a different race hear the song differently?

It's impossible to properly analyze a song by simply reading the lyrics. Here are some songs that might be worth analyzing.Beyoncé – ‘pretty hurts’ analysis 1. Beyoncé – ‘Pretty Hurts’ Analysis Asia Thomas Jennings 2.

An analysis of the literary elements in pretty hurts a song by beyonce

Overview The song is mainly focused on the pressures that young women face in order to feel beautiful under the judging eye’s of The Power of Sickness in Jane Austen's Persuasion - The Power of Sickness in Persuasion Throughout the course of her work, Persuasion, Jane Austen offers much insight into the social aspect of English life at the beginning of the 19th

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Beyoncé and the New Gesamtkunstwerk

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Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you  · –2– sounds that are unaccented. This produces a pleasing kind of near-rhyme. Example: boats into the past Example: cool soul Cacophony A discordant series of harsh, unpleasant sounds helps to convey disorder.

This is often furthered by the combined effect of im doing the same song for my english analysis of a song And they didn’t even put up a fight They didn’t even make a sound (those 2 lines are personifiation repetition is used in the chorus where it says i can see and feel your halo i can give u more once i find urbanagricultureinitiative.comscom/q/does-the-song-halo-from-beyonce-has.

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