Autocratic business leadership in a recession essay

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Autocratic business leadership in a recession essay

Autocratic Business Leadership In A Recession Essay Categories Free Essays Tags This essay will address the question of whether the autocratic style of leader is the best type to have in an economic recession. After giving a definition of what an autocratic is, and what an economic recession entails, the reasons why this is the best style of leadership will be addressed.

The points in favour to be examined will be; that quick decisions are reached, there is efficiency, a clear chain of command and a lack of sentimentality. Also, one good example of an autocratic leader will be included. Then the reasons why this Autocratic business leadership in a recession essay style may not be good will be looked at.

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These will be; the over dependency n one person, the frustration and resentment caused to the workforce and the modern trend towards employee participation in decision making. There will then be a brief look at three other leadership styles, which will lead to the question being answered as a conclusion.

An autocratic leader in business terms is a person who keeps most or all of the key authority for themself. They are very dictatorial or authoritarian and tell their employees exactly what to do. Efficiency is a quality inherent in a successful autocrat. They will, in a recession, exploit all the resources available with no sentimentality, and as a leader they will have insured there is a minimal level of bureaucracy and middle management tiers to interfere with this.

There is likely to be a high output per worker and a low level of cost per business unit output. Overall, the efficiency of the autocrat will be vital in streamlining operations during a recession. Quick decisions are needed in every size of business at one time or another.

Seeing a market gap or spotting a take-over opportunity are areas where this is especially relevant, the autocratic leader in a time of economic downturn can use their attributes very profitably here. Being in some ways both a gambler and a dictator by nature, they will back their own judgement and impose their will on their employees.

They will often follow their hunches, and although this has inherent risks, the opportunities that are open in a recession can lead to them successfully exploiting their rivals weaknesses through being confident enough to aggressively move in on their market share or even launch a take-over bid.

Also, there will in some heavy industries, be excellent opportunities to purchase cheap heavy plant, and use the fact that land and buildings are cheap in a recession to obtain improved or different business premises. For these and many other reasons an autocrats speed of decision will give their business an edge.

Having a clear hain of command is another advantage of having autocratic leadership.

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This leads to centralisation in an individual organisations structure, with the autocrat at the top taking most or all of the key decisions, ensuring tight financial controls and clear targets. There will be coherent policies for production and marketing.

Although rather one-way, communication channels throughout the business will be plain and instructive. These tight structures will hold firm, and I believe will be an asset when faced with the realities and problems associated with recession.

An autocrat will strongly maintain the form of the usiness, whether it is large or small, and will not lose sight of the need for forward planning, even when their organisation is sailing in troubled waters.

The autocratic style of leader has advantages over other styles in one other important way crucial in an economic recession: They have a lack of sentimentality.

When downsizing becomes necessary, the unpleasant issue of staff redundancy becomes unavoidable. The autocrat seems particularly suited to making these hard decisions. Employees will be laid off in a fashion that is least expensive to the business, and this type of leader will use this as an opportunity to lay off any deadwood.

Also, recession is likely to lead to redundancies in rival businesses, and there becomes a chance to cherry-pick from the newly available talent.

Autocratic business leadership in a recession essay

Wages can be cut too, and contracts with weak business partners can become more exploitative and profitable. This unsavoury side of business would be best carried out by a ruthless autocrat. One example of a successful autocrat is Alan Sugar, whose company Amstrad is particularly prominent in the personal computer and satellite dishes field.

In this company there is a power culture dominated by one individual. Here, the company structure can be seen as a web, with ll the key decisions coming out from the centre. The clear advantage to Amstrad in being run this way is that Sugars speed and clarity of action enables the firm to tie up deals rapidly in an ever changing and expanding market.

Few decisions are taken collectively or by committee, and the whole organisation works without many of the bureaucratic, hierarchical middle management layers of its rivals. There is instead a dynamic central force exercising a wide span of control.

The autocratic leader can be bad in one area that is particularly relevant in times of recession: They are likely to cause frustration and resentment in their workforce.

Some workers can be left to monitor their own work and use their initiative profitably for their company [2] Laying down the law and imposing their will are two behavioural traits of the autocrat.Autocratic Business Leadership In A Recession Essay, Research Paper This essay will turn to the inquiry of whether the bossy manner of leader is the best type to hold in an economic recession.

After giving a definition of what an bossy is, and what an economic recession entails, the grounds why this is . NORTHCOM Northern Command The Homeland Security Command.

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Autocratic leadership, also known as authoritarian leadership, is a leadership style characterized by individual control over all decisions and little input from group members. Autocratic leaders typically make choices based on their ideas and judgments and rarely accept advice from followers.

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