Autonomy education and societal legitimacy essay

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Autonomy education and societal legitimacy essay

On the other hand, industrialization is the application of technological inventions to aid the mass production of products and services. Often, economic development is associated with the level of industrialization that a country has achieved. At the start of industrial revolution in the 18th century, feudal nations have changed into a market-oriented social structure Cooney, Industrialization created entrepreneurs — Autonomy education and societal legitimacy essay and traders — who pioneered commercial establishments.

The industrialization process has also paved the way for the emergence of the working class into the society. Democracy is not only tantamount to preset principles or laws on the governance of the state; government rather is only one of the elements in a societal structure.

This means that in a democratic society, the government has a harmonious coexistence with other social institutions. Economic development led to the establishment of democratic institutions for it entails equality to access and distribution of societal wealth.

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On the contrary, the concentration of economic wealth in the hands of the few elite capitalists resulted to the loss and bankruptcy of small-scale firms. This uneven distribution of wealth had created serious social and political implications. Often, the power of the elite class is exercised to protect their own interests while leaving the working class at the losing end by providing them with unjust compensation and longer working hours.

In turn, The United States founders made a promise for freedom and equality which were exercised by forming a series of laws and policies that were geared to uphold the rights of the Americans.

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As such, inthe constitution was promulgated to evoke an electoral system and freedom and civil rights. In the late s after the Civil War, the freed slaves became citizens with a nominal right to vote Cincotta, The governance of the United States has been an experimental democracy.

This system has evolved from Jeffersonian Democracy to Jacksonian Democracy and beyond. The social and political issues and concerns that were raised in their early years were continuously addressed and resolved.

These include civil rights, systems of governance and industrialization. In the 19th and 20th centuries, 37 nations were added to the original 13 members of the United States as they expanded across the North American continent and overseas territories.

The United States have been developed through continual process of adaptation and transformation Cincotta, Industrialization The industrial revolution began in England in the 18th century and was characterized by economic growth and development.

This includes mass production and the influx of services through factory system and successful innovations in the means of transportation and mechanical operations.

Autonomy education and societal legitimacy essay

Population in the urban areas was increased primarily due to the increase of the population of the working class. Over population resulted to overcrowded slums, inadequate social services, and a host of related problems. However, the agricultural economy was left stagnant due to the migration of peasants to industrial places.

On the other hand, the middle class benefited most from the huge profits of their firms Cooney, Manufacturing accounted for a third of its production in while agricultural products were two-thirds the value of its exports.

Bymanufacturing industries had rolled faster than the agricultural sector. Products are manufactured through machineries and factory system, and as such, planned and organized management are thus requisites in order to efficiently operate machineries. The firm owners controlled the industrial production while the working class began to organize to evoke their rights for higher wages and improved working conditions.

Moreover, the means of transportations and communications had improved; urban populations and standards of living had increased Lamphard, n. Industrialization in Other Countries Until the end of the cold war, economic development was attributed only to industrialization.

Some sociologists said that economic development may endanger democracy.Autonomy, Education, and Societal Legitimacy Essay - Autonomy, Education, and Societal Legitimacy I argue that autonomy should be interpreted as an educational concept, dependent on many educative institutions, including but not limited to government.

Individual autonomy is an idea that is generally understood to refer to the capacity to be one's own person, to live one's life according to reasons and motives that are taken as one's own and not the product of manipulative or distorting external forces.

Essay on legitimacy and democracy Patricia Kaplanova* Faculty of Organisation studies Novo mesto, Ulica talcev 3, Novo mesto, Slovenia legitimacy, the paper examines a sense of democratic legitimacy in modern societies.

societal revolution and human development. As he notes, "the crisis of legitimacy is a crisis of. This thesis examines the legitimacy of autonomy as a universal principle in health care.

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Through conceptual analyses of the notion, it critiques the basis on which autonomy claims universal validity as a principle of practices. Autonomy "Human nature is not a machine to be built after a model, and set to do exactly the work prescribed for it, but a tree, which requires to grow and develop itself on all sides, according to the tendency of the inward forces which make it a living thing.

Firstly, some argue that autonomy should be the primary goal of liberal education because autonomy enhancement is the most important goal of the liberal state, and hence an education in such a state should be an education for autonomy (see White , and compare with Raz , ch.


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