Comparison between a salesperson and a

Most people in this situation think that in order to sell the pen they need to make the pen appealing or attractive. They think they need to sell the product, to pitch its features and attributes. So Brad does not try to describe the pen. How does sales differ from marketing?

Comparison between a salesperson and a

A wholesaler might also sell the products directly to the customers. One of the main differences between wholesale and retail is in the price of the goods.

The wholesale price is always lower than the retail price. This is mainly because the retailer has to include many other costs while selling the goods. The retailer has to add costs like the salaries of employees, rents of shops, sales tax, and advertising of the goods that he buys from a wholesaler.

A wholesaler does not worry much about all of these aspects which prompts him to sell goods at a lower price.

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The wholesaler has direct links with the manufacturer and buys products or goods directly from him. On the other hand, a retailer has no direct contact with the manufacturer. In choosing the quality, the retailer has an upper hand.

A retailer can choose the products with quality and discard the damaged ones as they only buy small amounts. On the contrary, the wholesaler will not have a say in the quality as he has to buy in bulk from the manufacturer.

This means that the retailer has the freedom to choose the products whereas the wholesaler does not have the freedom to choose the products. It can also be seen that retailers have to spend more in maintaining the retail space as they have to attract the consumers. On the other hand, a wholesaler need not worry about the space as it is only the retailer who buys from him.

When comparing the profit margin, a wholesaler gets more profit than a retailer. But even then, a wholesaler gets more money as he sells in bulk. A retailer just sells only one product at a time.

Comparison between a salesperson and a

In wholesale, the goods are mainly sold to the retailer who sells it to the customers. If you like this article or our site. Please spread the word.What's the difference between traveling salesman and chinese traveling? Ask Question. up vote 12 down vote favorite.

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3. What's the Difference between traveling-salesman problem and chinese postman problem? For me both wants go to a destination, and then back. graph path. share | improve this question. edited Jan 14 at Qualitative versus Quantitative comparison chart; Qualitative Quantitative; Purpose: The purpose is to explain and gain insight and understanding of phenomena through intensive collection of narrative data Generate hypothesis to be test, inductive.

When to use qualitative vs. quantitative research? The first and most obvious difference between a sales rep and a sales agent, is that a sales rep works directly for your company. A sales agent is usually self-employed and . However, outside sales reps earn 12 to 18% more than inside sales reps, with field reps’ salaries topping $65, a year compared to inside sales reps’ $50, Here are some of the primary differences between the two.

The first and foremost difference between sales and revenue is that Sales refers to the amount of goods sold and services rendered by the company during a particular financial year while Revenue is the money received by the company from its varied activities.

There is a huge difference between the top and bottom performers but any individual finding is meaningless unless it is considered as part of the whole, and in the context of what the salesperson will be selling, who they'll be selling it to, the anticipated resistance, and the expected competition.

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