Custom wrapping paper printing

I ordered a bunch of small stickers to cover my old logo since rebranding my business. Very happy with the turnaround and quality of the stickers I received.

Custom wrapping paper printing

If you only have one piece of glass or acrylic, you will have to wash it to switch colors. More than one rolling pin is handy, too. They make excellent DIY stamps. Look for a flat baking pan instead of using glass or acrylic.

Custom wrapping paper printing

Cover your rolling pins with paper and tape it on. On my first attempt, I used plastic wrap. It worked but some of the plastic picked up the ink. Cut out the craft foam in your own one-of-a-kind design and attach it to the covered rolling pin with spray glue.

Some craft foam has a sticky back. Alternatively, instead of using craft foam wrap the rolling pin with rubber bands.

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Custom Wrapping Paper & Personalized Gift Wrap. Photo Wrapping Paper by Using tissue paper with your logo, phone number, and website as your repeated pattern creates an easy marketing touchpoint that is an economical alternative while waiting to complete your marketing print set.

Now your rolling pin is ready to go. Squeeze out some ink on the glass.

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Block printing ink is water-soluble and non toxic. It will even wash off your rolling pin handle. Spread the ink with a brush. Roll the pin in the ink so it covers the craft foam or rubber bands. You can go back and forth and side to side to make sure it is completely inked up.

Now, the exciting part. Tape down your paper and roll on your design.

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You can add layers by rolling the stamp out more than once on the paper or by adding additional colors. You can make tags and cards. You can frame the prints for custom art. Experiment on wood, cork or metal, too. This project has endless possibilities.

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