First impressions of people essay

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First impressions of people essay

I enjoy interacting with new people very much. I have dreamed of studying abroad since my childhood and I am pretty sure that many students from different countries have the same feeling.

My name is Zhamal. I am 17 and I am here to make a difference in my life. I will never forget my first day in the United States. I was so excited to come here. My friend Kasiet and I had a long trip to California via London.

First impressions of people essay

We arrived at the Los Angeles airport at 9 PM. We found our friend who was supposed to meet us at the international terminal, and we headed into the city. Los Angeles is an amazing city, especially at night when it is sparkling with lights all around.

Two days after leaving my home town I got to my college town of Oceanside, California. They were very nice people and they tried to help me in many ways.

First impression of my best friend essay

During this short while I was away from Kyrgyzstan for the first time, I felt I had learned one first very important thing for myself. The next hurdle was getting registered in my classes for the fall semester.

It was hard to find available open classes that I should take for my major as I started registering late — just 3 days before my classes started. Most of the other students had registered much further in advance, but I could not do this beforehand from my country.

Finally and hopefully, I got registered in 3 basic classes Math, English, and Accounting for the fall semester. Then my first college classes started!

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At my college there are so many students of different nationalities. It was quite exciting to meet people from all around the world. You find many interesting things to talk about, and I ended up talking a lot about my own culture and tradition because most of the students I met had no idea about my country.

My new friends got interested to know more about our culture and traditions. Now I understand how it is amazing to represent your own country and explain many things about it to people who have never heard of it.

It made me proud of being a representative of my little country here in the US. So far I have found that people living in the US are very friendly and communicative. I like being in such a friendly atmosphere very much.

In my home country it is different. People seem to be too busy with their own things and are rushed too much.First Impressions Can Be Deceiving: O’Connors “Good Country People” While some people have trouble with trust, many come to trust someone too easily to feel like they are wanted.

Throughout Flannery O’Connor’s short story “Good Country People”, Hulga’s initial impression .

First impressions of people essay

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The first impression, without a doubt, has a great importance, but it does not always reveal the true characteristics of a person and I personally believe that first impressions are not always accurate.

This essay discusses why the first impression may often be deceptive and less important in. Your mother may have taught you never to judge a book by its cover, but according to science, your mother was wrong. According to a new study from Cornell University psychologists, the assumption someone makes about a person when they first meet, or the first impression, is usually the correct one.

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