Forging notes

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Forging notes

Illustrations of hanged prisoners act as a warning against forgery. Bank of England Letters written by or on behalf of prisoners convicted of forging bank notes in the late 18th and 19th century, released by the Bank of Englandpaint a heartbreaking picture of those awaiting Forging notes or exile to Australia.

Forgery and the "uttering" circulation of counterfeit notes were crimes punishable by death, while those in possession of forged notes faced sea transportation to New South Wales.

The letters of pleas for help and charity by Forging notes in jails across England or on prison ships, written to their prosecutors, the "Gentlemen of the Bank", are held at the Bank of England's archive and have been published on its website.

The Bank is in the process of releasing its historic archive documents and making them available online. Recently, some correspondence was found in the archives that hints at a closer relationship between the Bank and Lawrence of Arabia than anyone had suspected.

One female prisoner in London, a year-old mother of nine, Sarah Whiley, wrote to request a "small trifle" from "the Honourable Gentlemen" of the Bank, so she might buy some tea and sugar for her sea voyage. The surge in counterfeit notes came after the Napoleonic wars when the Bank was no longer able to pay out gold in exchange for bank notes.

After more than people had been hanged for forgery, the Bank's solicitors, Freshfields, drafted a bill that became law in May and offered those convicted the option of a "plea bargain". This gave a prisoner the option of pleading guilty to being in possession of counterfeit notes — in return for punishment of 14 years' transportation.

In their responses to the hundreds of letters they received, the Bank's directors showed themselves generous and charitable to prisoners, in particular mothers and the children in jail with them, whereas men fared less well.

When 11 about to go on their transport ship asked for "that donation which we understand as generally been bestowed to the unfortunate culprits who have been prosecuted by your honourable company," they received nothing.

Their letter was annotated by the Bank's solicitor: They tried to win favours and reductions of their sentences by implicating others who would be arrested. But most women and a few men wrote humble letters, as Sarah Whiley did.

Men were also often able to obtain work in prison whereas women struggled to do so. A letter sent by Mary Kelly on 22 February describes her distress at having no friends to ask for help, her mother being extremely poor, and that she was also caring for a sick child.

She was awarded five shillings a week on 1 March Another prisoner, Johanna McCarthy, wrote on 8 April from the Maria ship at Deptford that "I am quite destitute of money and friends and have been confined in Newgate Bristol 13 months".

Margaret Spiers wrote 13 letters between March and March telling her story in appalling conditions of Newgate jail.According to WSPA, she was caught for allegedly forging a doctor's signature from Parris Family Chiropractic after it was discovered that some of the notes were misspelled, or written on days the.

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Notes. Notes. 1 FORGE, , Sexual Violence in the Transgender Community Survey, unpublished data; FORGE, , Transgender Individuals' Knowledge of and Willingness to Use Sexual Assault Programs, unpublished survey data, Morehouse School of Medicine's Institutional Review Board.

Forging notes

How to Forge a Doctor’s Note? Creating your own forged doctor’s notes is simple. Just pick an excuse to utilize on your forged note, select the template from the web, and print your letter. And forgery goes far beyond checks and bank notes.

Creating, forging or altering almost any document, for the intent of fraud or making money, is considered forgery and is subject to state and sometimes federal laws and penalties for individuals caught forging federal documents.

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