Home remedies for acidity essay

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Home remedies for acidity essay

The stomach is a reservoir that accepts food that we consume through our mouth.

Hyper acidity is also called Acid Dyspepsia, which is one of the most common urbanagricultureinitiative.comcidity is a medical condition in which the stomach secretes a lot of acids. It can be caused due to various medications, stressed lifestyle and spicy foods. Our expert opinion on effective home remedies to cure acidity. Check What is Acidity Home Remedies: Exercise Avoid Spicy Food Reduce Coffee Intake. Acidity or Heartburn is feeling of burning in the upper stomach to the lower throat. Know acidity symptoms, causes, and natural remedies - The Acidity Guide About Us.

Once the food enters the stomach, acid is released from the cells that line the stomach. This acid is responsible for breaking down the food material into easily digestible components.

This broken down food material is then transported to the small intestine and large intestine where the nutrients present in food are absorbed.

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It is quite evident that the stomach plays a very important role in the process of digestion. However, on occasion, the amount of acid that is produced by the cells lining the stomach can be rather excessive.

This usually takes place because the stomach lining is irritated by certain elements that are present in the food. It can also occur because of a bacterial infection called Helicobacter pylori which affects the stomach lining and causes increased acid production.

Treatment of hyperacidity is primarily through changing diet and lifestyle and also through medication.

Acidity Symptoms

However, there are many home remedies to cure acidity that are available and rather effective. When it comes to medical management, the commonly prescribed medications include H2 receptor blockers and proton pump inhibitors.

These medications need to be taken on an empty stomach in order to be effective. However, there is some evidence that long-term use of these medicines can have certain side effects.

It is therefore not recommended that these medications be taken on a regular basis for years on end. Instead, trying to adopt simple natural remedies to cure acidity is more advisable.

Home Remedies To Cure Acidity 1. Milk And Milk Products: Probably the most well-known natural cure for acid reflux is cold milk.

If you are struggling with hyperacidity all the time, then a glass of cold milk can help neutralise the acid completely and get rid of your symptoms within no time. In fact, medical textbooks have clearly described individuals suffering from ulcers in the stomach and the duodenum first part of the small intestine to have a craving for cold milk and subsequently increasing their body weight.

If milk is not your thing, you could even try to have a glass of cold yoghurt.

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This also has the same neutralising powers and is also rich in probiotics that can improve digestion. Similarly, cold buttermilk is extremely helpful provided it is not spiced up and does not contain added salt.

It is very well known that individuals who smoke regularly have an increased risk of developing hyperacidity. In fact, if you are looking for an effective home remedy to cure acidity, then you must consider stopping smoking if you are a smoker. Even if you try every remedy to get rid of the excess acid being produced in your stomach, if you continue to smoke, none of these would be helpful.

Smoking is also associated with a number of other medical problems which I will not list here as it is out of the scope of this article.

Home remedies for acidity essay

However, there is no doubt that by stopping smoking you can greatly reduce your risk of developing multiple health problems. While it is quite a task to do so, it will take a few weeks before you can completely give up the habit.

How I Managed to Quit Smoking: The Heavy Smoker Story 3. When we exercise, we improve the flow of blood to all our vital organs and this includes the stomach.

If food is present in the stomach, those individuals who exercise regularly have better blood supply and better digestion. In fact, stomach movements are a lot more regular and faster in those people who exercise regularly.

Our busy lives these days mean that we are unable to follow a good diet and exercise regularly. However, regular exercise does not need to be a task.

Hyper acidity - Symptoms and Causes of Hyperacidity - Digestion

If you even have around 20 minutes to spare now and again, try and go for a brisk walk and get your heart pumping and blood flowing to your stomach. An excess or imbalance of digestive acids produced by the stomach can cause a stomach ache, gas, nausea, bad breath and other symptoms. It is a common problem that affects people of all ages.

Those who suffer frequently from acidity problems may refer to having an “acid stomach.” Eating spicy foods, lack of exercise, Continue reading Home Remedies for Acidity. 14 Amazing Home Remedies for Acidity (Heartburn) Likes Comments Ask your question Home remedies for acidity make it easy to treat the condition of excessive secretion of acids in the stomach during the process of digestion.

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Natural Home remedies for heartburn & acid reflux are the best way to keep away from drugs as much as possible. For acid reflux, heartburn & GERD, natural home remedies include probiotics, aloe vera juice, antioxidants, apple cider vinegar, etc.

which might protect the gastrointestinal tract from ulcers and acidity. Hyper acidity is also called Acid Dyspepsia, which is one of the most common urbanagricultureinitiative.comcidity is a medical condition in which the stomach secretes a lot of acids.

It can be caused due to various medications, stressed lifestyle and spicy foods.

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