Ideological differences between truman and stalin

What were the key events in the formation of the Eastern Bloc?

Ideological differences between truman and stalin

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Beneath the surface of wartime cooperation, there was always a level of distrust between the western allies and the Soviet Union not least because Stalin had signed the Non-aggression Pact with Hitler in In part the causes of the distrust were ideological.

Its government was chosen through free and regular elections. Indeed, most Americans believed they had fought the war to preserve this political freedom for themselves and for the peoples of the world. One important right was the right to economic freedom. The American economic system was capitalist.

Under a capitalist economy, industry and land is owned by private individuals or businesses who try to make profits out of production. In theory, this system places the good of the whole of society before individual interests.

Industry and land should therefore be owned not by individuals, but by the state, and run for the benefit of society, not the profit of a few individuals. To achieve this, however, it had been necessary to develop a strong Communist Party with a firm control over the country.

To many Americans, therefore, the Soviet Union was seen as little better than an oppresive dictatorship, depriving its people of real freedoms communist economics threatened the American capitalist system.

Similarly, the Soviet communists took a very negative view of the American system. To them, American political freedoms were just a con-trick to keep the people happy. The capitalist world economy, obviously, posed a dangerous threat to communism as it would constantly wish to expand into new markets.

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Another reason for developing distrust between East and West was the legacy of disagreements during the war on matters of tactics and strategy. The delay in launching the invasion of northern France until June had angered Stalin who had wanted a second front to be established as soon as possible.

Did the Americans and British secretly hope that the Nazis and Communists would destroy each other in the final stages of the fighting?

Germany had invaded in and Britain was very angry about the way that Russia had treated Poland badly by setting up a pro — communist government in Poland.

His aim was to take advantage of the military situation at the end of the war to strengthen Russian influence in Europe. He therefore wanted to occupy as much German territory as possible before the end of the war as well as land from other states such as Finland, Poland and Romania.

Others believe that Stalin was acting defensively: Perhaps even more significant was the failure of the Western Allies to inform Stalin about the development of the atomic bomb until just before its use against Japan. Leading American and British politicians were deeply hostile to the Soviet government.

After meeting the Soviet leader, Truman wrote: Force is the only thing the Russians understand. Stalin showed what he was after … the Russians were planning world conquest. He had never fully trusted Stalin, but thought that Soviet cooperation was essential if Hitler was to be defeated.

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Towards the end of the war he had even suggested that the British and American armies should make a dash for Berlin to take the city before the Russians could get there.Feb 17,  · President Truman and the Origins of the Cold War. By Arnold A Offner Last updated The Cold War was caused by the military expansionism of Stalin and his successors.

The American response was basically a defensive reaction.

Ideological differences between truman and stalin

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Truman stated he regretted that no agreement had been possible on control of inland waterways, but believed the communique should mention the subject had been discussed. The British again agreed, but Stalin objected.

Truman then made a personal plea to Stalin, which Stalin rejected outright even before the translation was completed. The Great Republic: Presidents and States of the United States of America, and Comments on American History.

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