Line item veto paper

Glossary of Internet Terms Introduction Information regarding matters pending before the Legislature has been available to the citizens of California in printed form since That same information is now available on the Internet pursuant to California law.

Line item veto paper

President Barack Obama threatened airstrikes on Syria. Russia and the United States agreed to punish any future use of chemical weapons in Syria through the UN. As Donald Trump takes the reins of U. How Trump and Putin decide to handle this sensitive issue may shape the future of Syria, U.

Instead of striking the Syrian government in retaliation for a nerve gas attack near Damascus, Obama took Russian President Vladimir Putin up on an offer to peacefully dismantle the Syrian chemical weapons program and craft a United Nations resolution 2 to make sure no gas attacks ever occurred in Syria again.

As newly inaugurated president Donald J. Trump takes the reins of U. Syria policy, he will have to decide whether to pursue Western efforts to hold Assad accountable and force Putin to uphold his end of the deal, at the risk of exhausting conflicts; or whether he should let Putin have his way and try to extract the United States from its entanglements in Syria.

To Strike or Not to Strike On August 21,the rebel-controlled Ghouta suburbs near Damascus were bombed with a powerful nerve agent known as Sarin, killing many hundreds of civilians, including children, in the most lethal chemical attack since Saddam Hussein gassed Iraqi Kurds in Halabja in The problem, from a White House perspective, was that air strikes against Assad would have uncertain returns at best.

On the one hand, a response could be made strong enough to really rattle the Syrian government, wrecking airports and arms factories or paving the way for rebel advances in major cities. But that would leave the United States responsible for what followed, whether it was internal chaos, massacres, and potential chemical weapons proliferation, or retaliatory strikes against the opposition or allied countries.

That is, regardless of what he had said in public, the U. But judging by past behavior, Assad would then be likely to dig in his heels, taunt the superpower and perhaps fire off more rockets. This brought into play the issue of U. Last but not least, Obama was clearly uncomfortable with the idea that a nerve gas attack on civilian neighborhoods should go unpunished.

The horrors of the First World War, when some ninety thousand men were killed with chlorine, mustard gas, and other poisons, had served to establish strong international norms against chemical warfare.

Line item veto paper

A series of international treaties had then led to the creation of the Chemical Weapons Conventionwhich had been signed by almost every country on earth—though not by Syria. In other words, the U.

Targeting only the units thought to be involved in chemical warfare was also a poor option. Follow us Calling on Congress The longer the debate dragged on, the more complicated it got.

Although many Syrian exiles cried out for a U.

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All in all, it was a thoroughly underwhelming show of support. At home, the prospect of another military adventure excited many foreign policy pundits, but it met with unrelenting hostility from the constituencies that mattered most to Obama. The Republican-dominated Congress rose in protest, backed by a sizable number of Democrats who sensed that this would not go down well with war-weary voters.

Indeed, an August 24 Reuters poll had found 60 percent of voters to be opposed to a U. Challenged by his British allies to put the issue to a democratic vote, he ended up finding a third alternative that he hoped would, at least, share the burden more broadly: So, on August 31, Obama announced that while he wanted to order military strikes, he would first send the issue to Congress for approval.

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Most Republicans seemed to relish the chance to bloody a Democratic president by denying him the authorization he needed, despite the fact that some had previously demanded a harder line on Assad. In the end, though the White House did make fragile progress in swaying the Senate, the vote in the House of Representatives seemed impossible to win.

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"Sejm" stems from an Old Slavic word meaning "gathering". Its origin was the King's Councils (), which gained power during the time of Poland's fragmentation (–).The Sejm in Łęczyca (known as the 'First Polish parliament') was the most notable of these councils, in that for the first time in Poland's history it established laws constraining the power of the ruler.

The Line Item Veto and Public Sector Budgets: Evidence from the States Douglas Holtz-Eakin. NBER Working Paper No. Issued in March Recent proposals assume that endowing the U.S. President with a line item veto will reduce spending. Line-item veto definition is - the power of a government executive to veto specific items in an appropriations bill without vetoing the bill altogether.

the power of a government executive to veto specific items in an appropriations bill without vetoing the bill altogether. Rhode Island is only 1 out of 6 states left in the country that does not give our Governor the power of the line-item veto. 44 other states balance power between their Governors and legislators via the line-item veto.

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