Looking west or within

Step back in time into a renovated arts and crafts bungalow with beautiful hardwood floors, original woodwork and built-in cabinets. There are 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom, plus a spacious living room, dining room and kitchen. Feel pampered in the luxurious pillow top queen bed, rest in one of the two comfy twin beds, or use the air mattress available for a maximum of 5 guests.

Looking west or within

It was the family home of Hem and Pauline Feifer, the woman who stole him from Hadley, and their two sons. I was already soured against Pauline when I arrived, mostly because of a brilliant Smithsonian article by A. Hotchner called Hemingway in Love. Hotchner claims that Pauline was a woman on the make who used femme fatale tricks of all descriptions as well as seduction through money, which the writer was still short of at that time, to lure Hem away from his first wife, Hadley.

Put that down as my bias. Almost a hundred years later, people writing today still look to Hemingway as an artist who cared about style but used it to reach the larger reading public.

Unfortunately, most of the furniture was gone. Most of the interior interest in the museum was furnished by posters and clippings, old Underwood typewriters three and pictures of the family, of whom the docent told us simple stories.

The catwalk has since been destroyed by a hurricane. Thinking back now I can see why. But the docent allowed, haltingly, that it might be true. Hem might not have really loved any of them.

Honestly in some ways they got treated even worse. It was when I went to sit in the garden of the house and wrote in my notebook that I really asked myself what it was about Hemingway that I and so many other people, to see the crowds milling through the museum on a Monday afternoon in November cared about in the first place?

Undoubtedly he had his bad points.

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He was an artist, and athlete, good time Charlie, a heavy drinker — but there were many of those. I hated him when I read A Farewell to Arms in college. It was in his regret about Hadley that I finally came to appreciate him. That, and his understanding of the truth about The Rich. And to his writing, from which his interest never flagged.

Hemingway is a writer about whom that is just about impossible. It seems to me, after my pilgrimage to Key West, that somehow the life is fully half the story. And it comes to me like a flash: And the life he created the memoir from, was as large as the sky. How could we help but respond in love and anger?Nov 18, - Find the best senior care jobs and employment near you.


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Looking west or within

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