Mga larawan sa pook sa asya

Ito ang pinaka-karaniwang maririnig mo na reklamo o batikos ng mga taga-ibang relihiyon tungkol sa ating pananampalataya. Bakit kuno may mga larawan tayo eh ayon sa nakasulat sa Exodo 20 ay bawal ang paggawa ng anumang larawan at ang pagsamba sa mga ito.

Mga larawan sa pook sa asya

Mga larawan sa pook sa asya na pinaniniwalaang sagradong tahanan ng mga diyos at diyosa Mga larawan sa pook sa asya na pinaniniwalaang sagradong tahanan ng mga diyos at diyosa 7 July Health Some says that these is the latest promotion by those who believe in traditional asian medicine.

We will write a custom essay sample on Mga larawan sa pook sa asya na pinaniniwalaang sagradong tahanan ng mga diyos at diyosa or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER And on my other research, that the Philppine Department of Health DOH continues to warn filipinos of the great risk they place themselves in when they rely on gecko treatment modality;that the use of geckos for treatment of HIV,asthma,and other ailments has no scientific basis.

The danger in gecko treatment lies in the sufferers improper treatment or their delay in seeking appropriate treatment. But I say that herbal medicine is much better than the geckos,because herbal medicine involves the use of plants for medicinal purposes.

There can be little doubt that the use of plants for healing purposes is the most ancient form of medicine known.

Mga larawan sa pook sa asya

Men and women, led by instinct,taste,and experience,used plants for healing which were not part of their normal diet;the physical evidence for herbalism goes back some 60, years to a neanderthal burial site uncovered in The egyptians are valso renowned for the use of herbs ,and official schools for herbalists existed in egypt as early as BC.

The Ebers papyrus,written around BC and discovered in ,contains around prescriptions made up of more than diff.

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Many of the founders of the ancient greek schools of medicine owned their learning to the Egyptians. Hippocrates was tutored by Egyptian priest-doctors, and his writing mentioned over medicinal plants. A vast body of Greco-Roman knowledge, much of which had been lost to europe in dark ages,was reintroduced to europe knowledge, when the crusaders returned from the middle east.

In india too, traditional medicine transported a large number of herbal remedies; the indian material medica, published inlisted medicinal plants. These settlers discovered that the indigenous indian population was skilled by using the native plants as medicines and they began to incorporate them into their own remedies.

Many of these new herbal remedies from america were also brought back to Europe. People in ancient times, recognized their dependence on nature of their basic need,as to the medical aspect of their life.

Most of them utilize the plants available to relieve aches and pains,cure illness and diseases.

Mga larawan sa pook sa asya

This became their experties and named as herbal medicine. As time went on, the emergence of modern scientific methodologies and techniqes in treating illness come and were established.

But still, many people appreciate and make use of medicinal plants.

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But other institutions are now working out a mass processing and distribution plan of these plants in refined form,however, these mdicinal plants could be just as effective in their natural forms, direct from the garden or backyard.

The leaves and flower could be boiled; juices could be extracted from leaves. But in this case we only need is to keep safe always. Geckos are lizards belonging to the infraorder Gekkota, found in warm climates throughout the world.

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They range from 1. Most geckos cannot blink, but they often lick their eyes to keep them clean and moist. They have a fixed lens within each iris that enlarges in darkness.

· Mas mahalaga, ang mga salita ay tinambalan at nilampasan ng pagbubukas-palad ng mga tao sa Canada at sa ibang dako upang paginhawain ang mga pagdurusa ng mga taong buhay at nagambag sa muling pagtayo ng mga wasak na pook sa mga bansang Mga Pook Na Naglalarawan.

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