My experiments

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My experiments

I remember what it was like to feel that the My experiments was a candy store of talent. My experiments with delegation led to interesting experiences. Besides, I tend to get rid of tasks or write programs before I consider paying people to do things, so that tends to get in the way of delegation experiments.

I find it more difficult to give instructions to people than to computers. Compared to my answers frommy current ideas feel closer to where I am, less of a stretch.

I know that a fuzzy brain dampens my ability to plan and anticipate. Still, I find it interesting to explore. I avoid using that word with other people, but I sometimes still slip up and use that word for myself. In addition to general fuzziness, I think that gap happens when I have conflicting factors or motivations, and when I underestimate benefits or overestimate costs.

I can untangle conflicting factors with reflection and honesty, even if sometimes that leads to uncomfortable realizations about my current self.

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I tend to overestimate costs more than I underestimate benefits, especially in terms of energy. In any case, my perception of one affects the other. I can work around this by giving things a shot, like the way skills often become more enjoyable the better you get at them.

Even when I have a good idea of the benefits and costs of different choices, sometimes it would be better for me to prefer things that have a lower short-term value than other things I could do.

This might be pretty similar to how startups disrupt incumbent companies, actually. An incumbent company initially has lower marginal costs because of its investments. It would be more expensive for that company to shift to a new technology.

Some startups succeed, getting to the point where they can beat the old technology in terms of return on investment. Doing those small experiments to play with my understanding and preferences might even be easier during fuzzy times than during sharp times, since my opportunity costs are lower.

I might keep my goals and experiments a little close to myself at the moment, focusing on elimination and automation rather than delegation.In my researches and experiments, I used an old balun coil to make an end-fed tuner.

It seems to work at least in 40 and 20 meters band and maybe in other, but I didn’t test with correct wire length It was just an experiment, a promising one. Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography, An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiment with Truth. Read online, download PDF version or read abridged version.

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My name is Kagome Higurashi, and this is my experiment. Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters I am about to weave into my web of chaos. Any and all definitions have been taken directly from Wikipedia the online encyclopedia because I am far too lazy to do any further research to support my Inuyasha obsession.

My experiments

Before beginning my experiments, I tracked my daily behavior to better understand where my time and energy was going, which gave me insight into what I could change to produce more satisfying deep. Jun 01,  · south africa experiments with truth must read story of my experiments read this book great man gandhi an autobiography martin luther luther king great soul civil disobedience mahatma gandhi non-violent resistance good book autobiographythe story reading this book kindle version thought process freedom struggle good urbanagricultureinitiative.coms:

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