Proctor gamble case analysis

Its aggressive international expansion and innovation-driven strategy enable the company to achieve economies of scale as well as to differentiate itself from strong competitors like Unilever, and Kimberly-Clark. Due to its large size and complexity, the organizational structure tends to be centralized. The standardization process in the early s, resulted in significant cost-saving and speedy new product roll-outs.

Proctor gamble case analysis

Proctor and Gamble, Inc. Her responsibilities focus on three central areas: She needs to develop a strategy to compete with a new market entry, Plax. Plax has targeted fighting plaque as a new benefit for mouthwash. The Scope brand has maintained a constant market share level with slight decline and still retains largest percentage of the market.

The strategic options include maintaining the status quo, introducing a new product already developed as either a line extension or flanker product, or develop new marketing plan for existing product.

Proctor gamble case analysis

She has formed a team across company functions to address these issues and formulate a strategic plan. Decisions to be Made 1 Should Scope maintain the status quo or seek new opportunities? These decisions must be made in this order.

Scope must first decide if it actually needs or wants to move forward with seeking new opportunities. If Scope wants to maintain the status quo, then no effort needs to be wasted in researching possible opportunities.

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If Scope decides to move forward it first must decide whether to reposition its current product or develop a new product, and if it develops a new product the question becomes whetherDownload file to see previous pages Both top and bottom line products suitable for these counties should be developed more by P & G.

The company should think about merger and acquisition strategies to create new business in these countries. Proctor and Gamble Marketing Plan Case Analysis Steve Law MBA MGT Professor Daniel Weber Company Description Proctor and Gamble was founded in Cincinnati Ohio in Walmart's Supply Chain Management.

Wal-mart is often credited with starting the practice of digitally sharing sales data with major suppliers, allowing the company to supply a wide range of products at the lowest cost and shortest delivery times.

Proctor and Gamble (DRAFT) Case Discussion Questions What strategy was Proctor and Gamble pursuing when it first entered foreign markets in the period up until the ’s?

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Here is the SWOT analysis of P&G which is one of the Smart marketers in the FMCG market. The brands within Procter and Gamble are legendary. One of the best advantages of P&G is that it owns brands which are very valuable by themselves.

It owns Gillette which is . Essay on Proctor and Gamble Scope Case Proctor and Gamble Scope Case Analysis 1) What significant changes have occurred in the Canadian mouthwash market in the past three years? The mouthwash market had grown on an average increase of 3% per year for 12 years.

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