Segmentation of sbi

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Segmentation of sbi

Segmentation of sbi

Phonological Awareness and the School-Age Student Phonological Awareness Phonological awareness is knowledge of the sounds of oral language. It is the ability to regulate and be conscious of the sequence of speech sounds and the structure of syllables.

Sound awareness plays a vital role in the early years and is a reliable predictor of literacy development. Children with good phonological skills have a huge advantage when learning to read.

In the early years of school, the children who recognise that words can be broken down into individual sounds generally develop into competent readers. When we talk about speech sounds we are referring to the spoken sound, which is different from the written letter name.

For instance, the letter 'l' has the letter name 'el. Sound awareness is a conscious knowledge of speech sounds at three levels: They influence the structure and rhythm of the English language.


Syllables can be individual vowels, or vowels combined with consonant sounds. A syllable can be separated into two distinct parts, the initial consonant and then the vowel, and sometimes final consonants. Rime is similar to rhyme - the difference is that with rime the spelling is constant, whereas in rhyme the spelling can change, though the sound at the end of the word sounds alike.

For instance, rime onset words for kite would include, bite, rite, spite, etc. The rhyme words for kite would also include, bite, rite etc, but also feature words with different spelling, such as sight.

Children who cannot make the distinction between speech and letter sounds need to be explicitly taught this skill. Speech pathologists are highly competent at teaching phonological awareness skills.

Intervention for Sound Awareness Difficulty Speech-language pathologists are well versed on the importance of sound awareness and expert at facilitating this vital skill in children with language disorder.

What follows is a brief introduction to some of the areas speech-language pathologists focus on when targeting phonological awareness skills. Identify words that rhyme.

For instance, sink - pink rhyme, sink - sash do not, Rhyme production: For instance, for the word 'bump' lump, dump, stump. For instance, the rime 'ent' - lent, sent, tent, went, bent, etc.

This is a brief introduction to phonological awareness, and its importance. Articles and extra information about phonological awareness will be added over the coming months. To learn more and to access phonological awareness activities please follow this link.

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