Ups case study mis answers

UPS competes globally with information technology Question 1: The inputs are detailed information customer information, package informationpickup, delivery, current location, bar coded label, special software program by using the UPS Web site. UPS served tools that able to a customer which is Cisco Systems, to include UPS functions, such as tracking and cost calculations, into their own Web sites.

Describe the planning organization structure Ups case study mis answers UPS and the roles of the various units and discuss its effectiveness. UPS follows a highly centralized hierarchical structure.

Ups case study mis answers

This structure places the CEO on the top of the management chain and then other department heads directly under him. Authority is vested in the top managers and decreases down the chain of management.

Decision making authority lies with the top management and the lower management does the tactical work. The organization is divided into segments based on the various functions of the organization. A skilled manager leads each department; this structure allows the organization to have high specialization and high control in order to achieve maximum efficiency and also allow UPS to be a low cost Various committees and staff groups including a Strategy Advisory Group, which met monthly to address strategic issues, assist the CEO.

There is also a Corporate Strategy Group, which helps in strategic planning. Senior management and staff set direction, priorities, budgets, and initiatives.

UPS is seen to be tactical at the regional level and strategic at the corporate level. A low level of autonomy at the regional level is observed. Such an organization structure allowed smooth functioning and proved beneficial for UPS. Each department had clear idea about their duties and responsibilities making it easier for strategic planning.

Why or why not? He acted like a coordinator for strategic planning and ensured that everything worked out smoothly. He would be the one responsible for the implementation of the corporate strategic plans.

He helps in the removal of any hurdles or bottleneck in the plan. He was positioned immediately next to CEO of the company to help him in this process.

He acted as a direct subordinate to the CEO in order to simplify his job and assist him in all possible ways. Thus he had a superior and a commendable role over other executives.

McDevitt coordinated various strategic initiatives. He ensures the alignment and execution of four strategic imperatives. His responsibility is to make sure that all the teams have delivered what they have promised to deliver. He would make an idea come to live in other words he would look after the execution of a plan.

He is indeed a necessary component in the organization and is responsible for the success of it to a great extent. Describe the four steps of the planning process and how well you think they were executed.

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The four steps of the planning process can be broadly classified as scenario planning, strategic planning, and support for strategic decision-making and strategy implementation. These workshops were preceded by series of interviews inside and outside UPS that led to the definition of key focal issues facing UPS.

Four different scenarios were developed by using combination of two axes horizontal axis- Market Environment and vertical axis- Demand Characteristics. The four scenarios were namely: The session produced both tangible and intangible outcomes. Senior management completed a crucial second step after two years.

The second step in the planning process also involved charting out the goals for the future. Planning for the coordinated working of the functional projects was also discussed.

Ups case study mis answers

During this period company released its IPO. The third step of Strategic planning process involves centennial planning as the company was about to celebrate its th anniversary. Third component was identification of set of strategic imperatives. The strategic planning process was well executed by UPS.

It has changed the company to what it is today. The process gave a complete face lift to company with new charter, vision and mission.

As UPS is no longer seen as US based package delivering company and it has clearly emerged into global enabler of commerce. Describe the steps that led to the Centennial Plan for and how well you think they were executed?APQC is one of the world’s leading proponents of process and performance improvement, helping organizations adapt to rapidly changing environments, build new and better ways of working, and succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Instructions: Read the video case in your textbook, titled “Union-Management Relations (UPS),” then watch the corresponding video in the Unit Study Guide. Answer . STUDY CASE QUESTIONS: 1. What are the inputs, processing, and outputs of UPS package tracking system?

United Parcel Service (UPS) started out in with intention to serve people with best services and lowest rates. UPS is a company that delivers packages and also documents to more than 6. 1million customers in more than countries around the world. César Fidalgo 27/06/14 MBA, Management Information System UPS case study Summary: UPS has created its own information system with Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD) and Web-based Post-Sales Order Management System (OMS) globally by using developed information technology. UPS Parcel Delivery Tracking Application - updated in June When Fedex introduced a wireless network application to keep track of document and parcel shipments, UPS was pressured to respond with a similar or better service.

The input s in the UPS package tracking system is the detailed information about the sender, the destination, and when the package should arrive. Case Study_ United Parcel Service, Inc.


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United Parcel Services IPO Information System types ± Constituency perspective Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) Management Information Systems (MIS) Decision Support Systems (DSS) Executive Support Systems (ESS) records the daily routine transactions necessary to the conduct of the.

United Parcel Service (UPS) started out in with intention to serve people with best services and lowest rates. UPS is a company that delivers packages and also documents to more than 6. 1million customers in more than countries around the world. In this free online diploma course in PR strategy, you will learn about the different types and best practices of public relations.

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