War against corruption

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War against corruption

This proves a shameful reality of the nation, compared with its international status as the world's 12th-largest economic power.

War against corruption

Almost all the countries in the world have been making efforts to do away with corruption, either political or social, by introducing diverse systems, paradoxically meaning that the battle against evil is not that easy.

The Moon Jae-in government has declared a war against the "deep-rooted corruption" that is still pervasive in the people's daily lives, such as accounting irregularities at private kindergartens, unfair hiring procedures and "gapjil," or the arrogant and authoritarian attitude and actions of those in higher positions of power over subordinates, among others.

Presiding over a meeting to discuss how to root out corruption at the presidential office, Moon called for stronger measures. He said corruption should no longer be tolerated under any circumstances Corruption can't be eliminated only by the introduction of legal systems.

Sustained efforts by all members of society, especially those in leadership positions, are required to double down on the anticorruption drive. However, the truth that everybody knows is corruption by those with political power is the major obstacle to making our society transparent and accountable.

This is why the political world should reform itself first to usher in "clean" politics. In order to effectively battle corruption in various fields of Korean society and thus meet the needs of the times, the Moon administration must focus on rooting out corrupt practices that have been rampant in the public and political sectors.

War against corruption

Since its inauguration in May last year, the Moon government has been all-out to clean up the so-called "deep-rooted evils" of the past and may have achieved what it wanted, to some extent.

What is more important is to eradicate the evils of the present.War against Corruption in Nigeria is a fight the government is going to win with the active help of security agencies and the citizenry. It is an interesting video which provides an alternative perspective on the on-going fight against corruption in Kenya.

It is a must watch for every Kenyan seeking the truth about the war on corruption. LOKOJA—The Federal Government, yesterday, said though the war against corruption was yielding positive results, the battle was not yet over.

Prioritising the fight against corruption.

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It is certainly so encouraging to see our new government putting the fight against corruption at the forefront of its priorities. Final War Against Corruption is with Neel Beniwal and 3 others.

November 13 at AM · Today India is been ruled by a insensitive leader who gives only Crore to a state which got devasted in floods and spends Crore on a statute. As usual, the President, top government officials and leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, continue to assure Nigerians that the war against corruption is unstoppable, as if mere repetitive verbal assurances can adequately address the absence of a holistic plan for winning the war on a .

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