Write a batch file to map network drives in ubuntu

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Write a batch file to map network drives in ubuntu

Eduardo Cola 4, Thank you so much for all your data!!! You have given me a lot of new knowledge. Thank you so much! Then I opened an LXTerminal and used sudo, but the system tells me: You can check the value of.

You could also have written the full path, eg. For the most part, scripts are a file with multiple commands or commands arranged in specific ways. Basic structure Typically you will see something like this: That will cause the script to be read and interpreted by your current shell aka command interpreter.

For instance, I am running mksh shell. Writing script This has to be done in text editor, but you could also write it in LibreOffice Writer and then save it in plain text. PersonallyI just use command line text editors nano for the most part or vim ; analogy here would be edit in pre-Windows 7 versions of Windows.

I got into habbit adding. Make script executable That is made using chmod scriptName. Never give write permissions to others!

If you have super user privileges that could result into some bad juju aka you could get hacked, and malicious user will change your scripts so that it stills your personal info.

Running scripts You could always run a script by navigating to the script location in terminal and typing. Now, for your own scripts, you should make bin folder, and store the scripts there. If you are using bash your.You'll either need to modify the service, or wrap it inside a helper process: apart from session/drive access issues, persistent drive mappings are only restored on an interactive logon, which services typically don't perform.

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write a batch file to map network drives in ubuntu

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This simple tutorial shows you how to map a network drive, Windows share as example, onto Ubuntu LTS with read and write permission permanently. All things will be done in a terminal window. Not familiar with Linux command?

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